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Product Liability Lawyers in NEW YORK 

Product liability law are all the laws that protect consumers from faulty or defective products. These laws hold manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers responsible for injury caused by these products.
Product liability law holds a manufacturer or seller responsible for putting a dangerous or injury causing product into the hands of the consumer. Some of those held responsible include the designer of a product, the maker of the product, the marketer of the product, and the retail seller of the product. 

What does a product liability lawyer in NEW YORK do?

You have probably seen ads about product liability: “If you or a loved one has been injured or died because of (some thing), contact XYZ.” XYZ is a product liability lawyer in NEW YORK. Recent ads have mentioned talcum powder, weed killer, and heartburn medicine. 
All of the above products have caused unintentional injury or illness to consumers who used the product according to the directions for use. 
A product liability lawyer in NEW YORK can help consumers who have used a product according to its expected use and still gotten an injury or illness. 

A Key to Product Liability

One key to a product liability lawsuit is the use of the product. If the product is used in the way it is intended to be used, and the consumer in injured in a way that is beyond the scope of expected results, then you might have a case.
It is unreasonable to consider a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a hammer when you accidentally smash your thumb with it. That is an expected possibility. 
It is reasonable to consider contacting a product liability lawyer in NEW YORK if you get splinters from the handle of the hammer. One does not expect a splinter from the handle of a hand tool. 

Warning Labels

Have you seen warning labels on the products you buy? Some of these warnings make sense; the label on the toaster, “Keep away from water.” But some warnings seem a little unnecessary: the warning on the coffee cup, “This might be very hot.” 
Many of the warnings on the warning labels are the result of a product liability lawsuit. But most warning labels are there to protect the consumer. 

When do I need a product liability lawyer in NEW YORK?

Product liability law is complicated, and the laws vary from state to state. There is no federal product liability law. 
If you have been injured directly or indirectly by a product, contact a product liability lawyer in NEW YORK as soon as possible. 

Questions to ask before hiring a product liability lawyer in NEW YORK

What is your payment process?

Many product liability attorneys will work on a contingency basis. This means that they will only be paid if they win the case; they will charge a percentage of your settlement or payment. 

How much experience do you have in product liability?

Product liability law is complex and can be very complicated, so you want an experienced product liability lawyer in NEW YORK.  And, of course, you will want to hire an attorney with more wins than losses.


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