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Immigration Lawyers in SAN DIEGO 

Who is allowed to enter the country and for how long?

What is immigration law?
Immigration law is the set of federal laws and rules governing immigration to the US, applying for and getting citizenship in the US, basically anything having to do with entering, living in, and working in the US.
Immigration law topics include
•    Permanent residency
        o    To live and work in the US without becoming a citizen
•    Family immigration
       o    Immigration based on having a US citizen as a family member
•    Employment based immigration
       o    Permanent residency based on employment
•    Travel visas
       o    To live for a short while or to travel for a long visit
•    Student visas
       o    To attend school in the US
•    Work visas
        o    To live and work in the US without permanent residency status
•    Citizenship
​​​​​​​       o    To become an American citizen
•    Deportation
​​​​​​​       o    Removal from the US
•    Asylum
​​​​​​​       o    To escape persecution in another country
An immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO should be able to help you with any of these topics or any other questions you have about immigration or citizenship status. Remember that many immigration attorneys specialize in one or two of these topics. 

What does an immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO do?

Immigration law is complex, made more so by the current events in this country. An immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO might specialize in any of the above listed topics, but most immigration attorneys can provide assistance or advice about the rights and obligations of anyone interested in immigrating to the US for any length of time.
Any immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO will be able to suggest the best next steps on the path to residency or citizenship in the United States. Most of these attorneys will also be equipped to complete and process the necessary documentation to take those steps.

Do I need an immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO?

If you have any question or doubt about your citizenship status in the US you should contact an immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO to determine your status. In some cases, even a person born of natural born citizens can have issues with citizenship. 
Further, anyone who is a citizen of another country, a foreign national, who wishes to visit or stay in the United States for any length of time must have the proper documentation, or visa, for the situation. 
Immigration law is complex, and always changing, so it is difficult for anyone to represent themselves and navigate the immigration court process on their own. Hiring an immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO is always the best choice.

Questions to ask an immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO


What is your area of specialty?

Because there are so many branches of immigration law, it is critical that you choose an immigration lawyer in SAN DIEGO who specializes in your situation.


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