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Foreclosure defense is a specialized area of law dealing with the state laws and rules of foreclosure on a mortgage. 

What is foreclosure? 

Foreclosure is where a lender takes legal action to gain control of a property, remove the homeowner or home buyer, and sell the home to recoup their losses. This can only happen after a homeowner has been unable to make payments on the full principal and interest of the mortgage, as spelled out in the mortgage contract.

What is foreclosure defense?

Foreclosure defense is a legal strategy to stop the lender from foreclosing on your home. It is a relatively new branch of law, growing exponentially in the last 15 years. The most common way to avoid foreclosure is to modify the mortgage. A foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON can help you navigate the meetings and documents needed to stop a foreclosure. You can be sure that the lender has an army of lawyers at their disposal to force the foreclosure through.

How will I know if I need a foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON?

At the first notice from your mortgage lender indicating that you are in or headed into foreclosure status, you should contact a foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON. These lawyers are skilled at negotiating with lenders and mortgage holders to establish a modified mortgage or to even stop any actions by the lender to foreclose on your home. 
If you have ignored previous notices about a foreclosure, you will definitely need a foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON to stop the process. The mortgage holding institution has a battery of attorneys on staff to assure that they can recoup their loan. It is imperative that you have a qualified and experience foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON on your side of the table. 

What does a foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON do?

A foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON will help you negotiate the best mortgage modification for your new situation. The bank will often appear to be “on your side,” but the truth is they are not. But your own attorney will be.
Your loan may carry loss mitigation options that are part of the fine print, but your bank won’t tell you about them. A foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON can help you determine if you have such options and help you determine which of the many ways to approach loss mitigation.
A foreclosure defense lawyer can also help you file for bankruptcy so that you can keep your home with a plan to resume payments over time.

Questions to ask before hiring a foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON


How much experience do you have in foreclosure defense?

A good foreclosure defense lawyer in TIVERTON will have years of training and extensive knowledge about foreclosure law in your state. Foreclosure laws change and evolve rapidly, so you want an attorney who is up to date on the law and also has experience successfully stopping foreclosures. 

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