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Divorce Lawyers in GRANVILLE 

Divorce law is basically any law referring to the dissolution of a marriage. When a married couple decides to split up, they go through the divorce proceedings. Things can often get complicated and require the assistance of divorce lawyers in GRANVILLE to ease the process.

Division of assets

In most cases of divorce the assets of the couple are divided amongst the two people. Couples may require divorce lawyers in GRANVILLE if they cannot come to an agreement. Another solution to the division of assets is what's called a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement ensures that the two parties that are going through the divorce proceedings leave the marriage with what they came into the marriage, with all assets gained during the marriage being divided up in mediation, usually involving divorce lawyers in GRANVILLE. Prenuptial agreements must be made before the marriage takes place.


In some cases of divorce, the judge and divorce lawyers in GRANVILLE may grant alimony to one of the spouses. In most cases alimony is used when one spouse was the main provider of income.  If the spouse not creating income was accustomed to a certain lifestyle before the divorce and will not be able to upkeep that lifestyle after the divorce, they have a better case for alimony.


Child custody

If a married couple has children during the marriage, the need for a divorce lawyer in GRANVILLE increases dramatically. In fact, some judges will not allow self-representation in divorces where children are present. Lawyers help tremendously when making decisions about custody. Custody battles can be long, so you want the right lawyer in your corner, fighting for you. 

Child support

In cases where there are children involved it is especially important to hire a divorce lawyer in GRANVILLE. Child support is a payment made from one spouse to the other when that spouse gets full custody of the children. This is a crucial point where the divorce lawyers in GRANVILLE come in handy.

What should I ask my Divorce lawyer in GRANVILLE?

What are your rates?

You should always consider rates when looking for a divorce lawyer in GRANVILLE. They can often be expensive and sometimes too good to be true cheap. Make sure you look at records to get the one that's going to win for you. Some lawyers charge a flat rate for a simple divorce, while others charge a per hour rate. Also ask about a retainer.

Will you respect my wishes?

It is also very wise to seek a divorce lawyer in GRANVILLE that will take the route you want, whether it be mediation or court. Whichever way you want to go it is smart to have a lawyer who wants to go the same way, especially when there are children or assets involved. 

Can I get alimony?

Alimony, or spousal support, comes in three varieties: permanent alimony, temporary alimony, and rehabilitative alimony. Permanent alimony lasts until the recipient remarries or if that person doesn't remarry the payer must pay for the rest of their life. Temporary alimony lasts until the couple comes to an amicable separation with the divorce lawyers in GRANVILLE and the courts. Rehabilitative alimony is similar to temporary alimony but goes beyond the court proceedings. Some states do not encourage or allow spousal support. 



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