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Consumer Lawyers in GRANVILLE

What is Consumer Law?

Consumer law are laws mandated at the state and federal levels to protect the rights of consumers (buyers of products and services) from fraud, deception, or other unfair business practices.

When would you need a Consumer Lawyer in GRANVILLE?

Product Liability: If a product causes you a personal injury or damage when used in the way it was designed to be used, you need to contact an attorney who specializes in product liability in Consumer Law.
Debt Collection: If a creditor denies you credit based on a protected characteristic (race or religion, for example), if a credit collection company makes threatening comments or harasses you, or if you have a problem paying off a consumer debt, a consumer lawyer in GRANVILLE can help you. 
Lemon Law: If your state has “lemon laws,” laws that protect consumers from being stuck with a defective car, and you have attempted to get the car’s defect repaired with no satisfaction, a consumer law attorney can take you through the next steps.
These are only a few of the situations where a consumer lawyer in GRANVILLE can help you get the service and product you paid for. 
If you have been a victim of false advertising, unfair debt collection practices, identity theft, or injury or damages by an unsafe product, contact a consumer lawyer in GRANVILLE as soon as possible. 

Tips for making a consumer complaint

Records: keep records of your attempts to get the problem solved. If you make a call or send an email, keep records of that. The better you document the situation, the more likely the outcome will be in your favor.
Direct contact: Contact the parent company directly. Sometimes a company is not aware of the unfair practices of a local office or store or employee. Sometimes your problem can be resolved by simply going up the chain of command. 
The BBB: File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (keep a record of that complaint). The BBB will contact the business and attempt to get a response that resolves your issue. If no response is given, the BBB reduces the company’s rating within the BBB.
Hire a Consumer Lawyer in GRANVILLE: If you feel overwhelmed by the process or if none of the above tips have brought you any satisfaction or recompense, please contact a local consumer lawyer in GRANVILLE Consumer lawyers are knowledgeable about the state and federal laws that would apply to your situation. 

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