PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Bankruptcy Lawyers in PHILADELPHIA, PA

Bankruptcy is a legal process that eliminates or lowers the debt of a person or corporation that has reached the position of owing more than they could possibly pay back. Sometimes the bankruptcy process is initiated by the debtor, sometimes by the lenders or creditors. While states may have some bankruptcy laws, most cases fall under Federal law.  
The most common types of personal bankruptcy filings fall into one of two types: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your assets are liquidated to pay the debt; in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debts are generally reduced, and a payment arrangement is made.


Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding where a judge and a member of the court examine the assets and liabilities of people and businesses who aren’t able to pay their bills. The court and judge determine whether to eliminate those debts or to work out a reduced payment plan. These determinations can end up more in your favor if you hire a bankruptcy lawyer in PHILADELPHIA.
Bankruptcy laws were written to give people who have, for whatever reason, failed financially, a second chance. You can make the most of your second chance by using a bankruptcy lawyer in PHILADELPHIA to help you.

Is it necessary to have a bankruptcy attorney to file bankruptcy?

Under certain circumstances you can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy as an individual without a lawyer.
However, it is in your best interest to at least consult with a bankruptcy lawyer to be sure that you get the best outcome for your situation. 


A bankruptcy lawyer in PHILADELPHIA can help you understand the federal laws, as well as any applicable state laws, that are relevant to your situation. Many bankruptcy attorneys in PHILADELPHIA work with, or are, CPAs—accountants who know finance law and the best ways to manage your financial difficulty. These bankruptcy lawyers will be able to walk with you through your difficult time.

Three things to ask before hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer in PHILADELPHIA

How much experience has the bankruptcy lawyer had with cases like yours?
Even the most reputable bankruptcy lawyer in PHILADELPHIA won’t be an expert in every type of case. Ask specific questions about your case, including details about your assets and your debts.

What are their rates?

This may seem like a simple question, but many people fail to consider that hiring a bankruptcy lawyer in PHILADELPHIA may increase their own debt. Obviously, you want to be able to get out from under your deep financial burden without increasing it.

What have other clients said about this bankruptcy lawyer?

Read testimonials and reviews of the bankruptcy lawyer in PHILADELPHIA that you are considering hiring. Word of mouth is a great way to find a reputable and reliable attorney. Remember that in today’s world, word of mouth includes Yelp! and Google



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